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BK8 Singapore offers an exceptional range of fully licensed and regulated games, all behind security standards you can trust.


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BK8 Singapore: The Best Online Betting Platform in Singapore

Like any gambling and sports betting fan, you want an experience that is smooth, safe, and simple to enjoy. At BK8 Singapore, we have developed a platform that provides you with the perfect place for just that. With close to a decade of expertise in the Singapore online betting sector, we have an established reputation as the place to turn to for a spectacular betting experience.

What makes us the perfect place to make your home for online gaming and sports betting in Singapore? Find out why we have become the #1 choice for those looking for a top-class experience they can trust.

Overview Of BK8 As A Leading Online Betting Platform

BK8 Singapore has provided a haven for sports betting and online gaming for Singaporean players for nearly ten years. In that decade-long journey, we have committed to constant improvement, keeping up with the latest technological trends within the industry.

This journey has allowed us to become more experienced about what players want, bringing in the best game types and brands across the online gaming and betting industry. This has led to our company being consistently positively reviewed by experts and players alike.

We are a company certified by Gaming Curacao, ensuring that we maintain our reputation as one of the best platforms in Singapore for online betting and gaming. We are immensely proud of our certification, as it proves that our actions speak louder than our words.

Our focus has always been on creating a smooth and stress-free experience for gamers on both desktop and mobile. People turn to BK8 Singapore to unwind and have fun, so we have consistently listened to our customer base to refine the experience to match every expectation they have.

Thanks to our live customer support platform being so accessible 24/7 and our commitment to always updating our available games and our betting platform, we are the #1 choice for Singaporean gamers.

Games That You Can Play At BK8

As well as being a prime sports betting platform, BK8 Singapore provides top-class online casino gaming to fit almost any personal taste or preference:

Live Casino

The live casino gaming industry is among the most popular in the country, and it is easy to see why. We help you to get that ‘Vegas Vibe’ wherever you are in the country. We utilise real dealers and tables so that you can enjoy that life-like casino experience no matter where you are. So, are you feeling lucky?

We cover all major live casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. We also cover table and live casino games worldwide for maximum choice.

Slot Games

At BK8 Singapore, we believe slot games are some of the most fun you can have in online gaming. Fans enjoying that quick spin to see if they can get lucky can find a huge collection of slot games waiting for them here. We have everything from vintage fruit machines to modernizations of the genre!

Our slot games offer a low-risk, high-reward online gaming experience. Pick from all slot games with various pay lines and themes to suit your tastes.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular locations on our platform. Fans turn to our sports betting system as it provides access to the largest sports betting markets in the world. From the biggest soccer games to major sporting events at individual and team levels, we cover the events you want to place a wager on.

This is paired with our commitment to in-depth analysis and statistics so you can feel informed before betting, complete with real-time updates and the best odds in Singapore.

eSports Betting

As one of the world's fastest sports and betting markets, eSports offers one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy digital entertainment. Watching players complete incredible feats on the video games you play personally can be extremely enjoyable; now, you can bet on those big-name tournaments and events.

We offer access to eSports betting for major games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike, making betting on the biggest eSports events a piece of cake.

Fishing Shooting Games

Fish shooting games are some of the most popular of their kind here in Singapore, and they make for hugely enjoyable entertainment. Fish shooting games take you underwater and allow you to take aim, fire, and win big. Shoot the right fish, and you can find some pretty incredible awards along the way!

Fish shooting games are huge in the country today, with good reason. They also offer a gamified approach to winning with power-ups, challenges, and more opportunities to show off those sharpshooting skills.

Lottery Betting

The lottery is the perfect place to turn for anyone looking for something more simplistic. Lottery games have been around for centuries, and they can give you the chance to win big without having to do anything other than pick some numbers or scratch some cards. It is that easy!

Lottery games through BK8 Singapore are the perfect place to turn for a quick, simple way to test your luck and see what you can win. Each lottery game format we have offers a fair, fun way to try your luck.

BK8 Bonuses & Promotions in Singapore

We pride ourselves on offering Singapore's best sports betting and online gaming promotions. With an extensive range of promotions to choose from, some of our most popular include:

  • Have You BK8? With this promotion, all you need to do is create an account for BK8 Singapore, and make a minimum deposit of SGD 50. Do this, and you can receive a bonus of 288% of what you deposited up to a maximum bonus of SGD 2,880.
  • Welcome Bonus. All new members joining BK8 Singapore can benefit from a first deposit bonus of up to SGD 300. Add a minimum amount of SGD 50 to your account, and transfer this into your sports, live casino, slots, MEGA888, or 918KISS wallet to receive your bonus!
  • SGD 200. This promotion covers all sports Aston Villa Football Club games; place a minimum bet amount of SGD 50 on any Over/Under or HDP at any Aston Villa game, and receive a cashback rate of up to 50%, with a maximum of SGD 200. You can claim this once per match for AVFC, one of the main partners of BK8 Singapore.

The number of free online promotions is extensive and is aimed at first-time BK8 Singapore players and those who have been with us for a long time. This includes our Play & Win, Bet & Win, and Shoot To Win events. We also offer a daily unlimited reload bonus for those who want to claim as much as 50% extra bonuses when reloading!

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional value for money in betting, with a recurring 1% unlimited daily cash rebate and an SGD 2,288 weekly ‘rescue bonus’ to give you even more incentive to return for more.

How To Get Started With BK8

To create an account with BK8 Singapore, all you need to do is:

  1. Click here to begin creating your BK8 Singapore account.
  2. Create an account by including a secure username and password.
  3. Alternatively, you can create your BK8 Singapore account via Telegram.
  4. If you were referred or have an affiliate ID, include that on the Create Account page.
  5. Click the Register button to finalise your account creation process and join the fun!


Whether you get your entertainment from sports betting, online gaming, or maybe a mix of both, BK8 Singapore is here to give you the platform you need for the best time possible. Join in the fun today, and enjoy being part of one of Singapore's most transparent and safe online sports betting and gaming platforms!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any queries about BK8 Singapore? Before you contact us, check the FAQs below!

Is BK8 Singapore Legal?

Yes, BK8 Singapore is a completely legal casino platform. It is fully regulated and licensed by Gaming Curacao and has been verified by independent experts such as GoDaddy.

What Games Can You Play At BK8?

You can play a huge range of online games at BK8 Singapore. This includes live casino gaming, slot machines, fish shooting games, lottery games, and popular eSports.

Does BK8 Offer A Mobile App For Gaming On The Go?

We have a prominent mobile app that works on Android and Apple devices. Enjoy a seamless, stress-free casino gaming experience with our platform!

How Do I Contact BK8’s Customer Support?

You can contact the BK8 Singapore customer support team via live chat through the website app and Telegram. All inquiries are treated with the utmost respect, ensuring the swiftest resolution to your issues.

Are My Personal And Financial Details Safe At BK8?

Yes, we ensure that all personal data stored for our customers is kept under the highest level of security encryption. Your data is encrypted, confidential, and secure with BK8 Singapore.

What Promotions And Bonuses Does BK8 Currently Offer?

We offer many promotions, ranging from seasonal offers and promotions for big sporting and gaming events to long-term welcome bonuses, reloads, and win boosters.

Is BK8 Available To Players Outside Singapore?

Yes, players worldwide are more than welcome to join the BK8 Singapore family and participate in one of the most welcoming, inclusive, and enjoyable gaming and betting platforms!


BMM Testlabs have regulated BK8 Singapore. This private, independent organisation has provided gaming testing services for years and is recognized by over 400 regions.

We are proud to hold licensing from BMM Testlabs as they hold accreditation with ISO 17025 IT and 17020 Inspection Bodies. This gives us complete confidence that our platform can be considered safe, legitimate, and transparent.

BK8 Singapore holds a gaming licence that Gaming Curacao has provided. Gaming Curacao sets an extremely high bar for licensing, giving users confidence in our ability and quality.

The Curacao Gaming licence is among the most prestigious in online gaming and sports betting. This licence is provided to over 450 of the best platforms in the industry and has been created to ensure that all platforms under this banner meet the highest regulatory standards.

The Gambling Commission of Great Britain is among the most respected online sports betting and gaming institutions. We follow all rules set out by the UKGC.

All licensees who hold a Gambling Commission pass must meet the strictest terms on commercial gambling. As a licensee, we observe all the rules and requirements set out by the License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP).

The BK8 Singapore website and domain have been verified as safe and trustworthy by the reputed hosting platform GoDaddy.

This verification ensures our website meets the highest data encryption and SSL protection standards. All users visiting our website will do so through an HTTPS connection that ensures you always use a secure and encrypted connection to BK8 Singapore.

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